CopySafe Video DRM Management
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Digital Rights Management (DRM) for video and movies
Video Rights Management Video access rights management with total control over all aspects.
DRM for Video Sales

The CopySafe Store is a free service provided for CopySafe authors:

- who use CopySafe Video Encoder to encrypt and copy protect their videos.
- who use CopySafe PDF Protector to encrypt and copy protect their documents.

Video Creation & Protection

Our Video Rights Management includes everything that an author needs to create, publish, protect and administrate sales from online purchases by credit card through to delivery to the customer and the management of their subscription. The publishing process is very much simplified:
  1. Upload your video data file.
  2. Nominate your preferences for copy protection and access control.
  3. Add the sales information for summary, description and price.
  4. Upload an image to use for the video cover.
  5. Nominate your PayPal account to use for sales.
When you have your protected video ready, you can begin promoting it by emailing your friends and subscribers, seeking article reviews, posting its release on other sites, etc., and simply use the link to your video on the CopySafe Store for them to purchase online.

Video Delivery & Sales Management

From your ads, reviews and the product/order page in the CopySafe Store, people can order online, pay by credit card and receive delivery instructions automatically by email. A typical ordering process:
  1. The customer clicks your video purchase button.
  2. Pays online by credit card via your PayPal service.
  3. Our server sends them an email with the download instructions.
  4. Access rights to the video is automatically added to the DRM database.
You can track sales from your card gateway and also from your author account here which monitors access to your video listing, recording all visits by persons interested in your video. The information, pricing, card gateway and cover image can be modified at any time.

Authors have total control over all aspects

Manage your videos and distribution online from any computer in the world. You can change the permissions on your video that will have immediate effect, even on video that may have already been delivered. For example, if you change your mind about access or expiry dates, you can change them at anytime for immediate effect, even on video still out in the wild on CD or already saved to a user's computer.
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