ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

The ArtistScope Site Protection System, ASPS, provides the most secure copy protection for web pages and is the only solution recommended where the prevention of copy and unauthorized redistribution is mission critical. Protect images, html, source code, Flash, movies, database records and other web content without data leakage and other exploits enabled by modern web browsers. Fully compatible with all web applications and programming languages.

In fact ASPS provides the most secure solution for data security and the prevention of data loss and plagiarism. When used with SSL it is even safe from packet sniffers where nothing can be extracted from browser cache or memory.

ASPS Features

All media displayed on an ASPS web page can copy protected except PDF*. Select pages within your website can be tagged for ASPS protection while other pages can be delivered as normal web pages, enabling your website to deliver protected pages and normal pages for other browsers and SEO.

  • Prevent all copy, save, PrintScreen and screen capture.
  • Use SSL to extend protection from data miners and packet sniffers.
  • Media links cannot be obtained by scraping or view of page source.
  • No right click menus or status bar indication of hyperlinks.
  • Content is not retrievable from browser cache or memory.
  • Downloaded data is safe from packet-sniffers when SSL is used.
  • Can be used on Apache and Windows web servers.
  • Delivers any type of web page normally viewed by a web browser.
  • Control browser window size or kiosk mode per individual page.
  • Vary protection and print control per individual page.
  • Identify users by their unique Computer ID for DRM management.

* Normal PDF uses Adobe Reader and it cannot be protected while embedded on a web page because Adobe Reader now provides options in its toolbar for save/print that cannot be disabled. To securely copy protect PDF displayed on web pages you need to use CopySafe PDF which is supported by ArtisBrowser.

Server Requirements

First and foremost, a dedicated or virtual web server is required to have the permission to install software at system level. The ASPS server software is a HTTP filter that can be installed on both Linux (Apache) and Windows servers. Installation is always performed by ArtistScope to ensure that the filter module is suited to the server OS version and that it is properly licensed for the intended web site/s. Administrator access will be required to perform installation via a Remote Desktop Connection or TeamViewer. Self install is not an option.

If you do not have access to a dedicated or virtual server you will need to upgrade to use ASPS. These days virtual servers can be most economical with some webhosts renting them from $10/month.

Otherwise, as an alternative, you can use CopySafe Web which will run from any web page anywhere. CopySafe Web is not as secure as ASPS but it does provide screen capture protection for the web page while on display and it does provide security for images stored on the web server, even from your webmaster.

Purchase ASPS Server Software

Administrator rights to a dedicated or virtual server is required for ArtistScope to install this solution. ASPS software is supported on all Apache and Windows servers. Licensing is a one-time purchase per server and can include all aliases and sub-domains of a domain if they are hosted on the same server.

ASPS Server Software  Licensing per server   $495 
Installation  Installed by ArtistScope   free 

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