CopySafe PDF Protection

CopySafe PDF Protection

Purchase CopySafe PDF Domain Lock

Enables domain lock protection for PDF displayed online

Note: This option only applies to "additional" website licenses as CopySafe PDF main license now includes one free Domain Lock license. Please email support for more info.

Licenses to use Domain Lock are regulated and issued separately from CopySafe PDF Protection licenses. If you don't already have a CopySafe PDF Protection license you can order one here. If you own a domain like then you can register and the same license will allow you to domain lock for any sites. But if you are only the user of then your license can be used for that site only. All prices are in US dollars and are discounted by quantity:

CopySafe PDF Domain Lock For unlimited use per domain $95

To order PDF Domain Lock licenses you first need to prove that you have a license for the CopySafe PDF Protector software by answering at least two (2) questions correctly:

CopySafe PDF Protector license key:
Invoice number of the purchase: 
Email address used in the purchase: 

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